Journal Entry [03/06/2006]Edit

  • Fixed Planetary improvements: Virtual Reality Center and Stock Exchange to be better.
  • Fixed Metaverse difficulty rating (doh!)
  • Various tweaks to ship upgrading to be more streamlined and robust
  • Misc. AI tweaks.
  • Fixed human-specific text in Events.xml
  • Fixed display name for Battle Stations Mark IV
  • Fixed Ship Design Upgrade button so that it removes all but the hull and jewelry.
  • Fixed Fleets with 0 moves bug.
  • Fixed Fleet movement exploit where you could remove a ship and the fleet got its full moves restored.
  • Tried to put more effort into keeping the AI from putting its rally points on its own planets which can disrupt its strategy
  • AI pickier about what it trades with each other, this should satisfy most people who feel the AI isn’t careful about what it trades with each other and the player
  • Performance tweak so that the AI isn’t evaluating putting a..ahem..starbase into a fleet. (it wasn’t doing it, but it evaluated doing so each turn)
  • Drengin and Terran AI personalities more focused on what they research.
  • Drengin tend to research more militaristic techs
  • Toned down minor races a bit. They no longer get quite as much money to start with.
  • Number of minor races is now randomized but still somewhat based on galaxy size. Generally there will be fewer of them.
  • Put a cap on planetary influence to remove cheese potential.
  • AI better at finding enemy targets.
  • AI better at protecting key home sectorsore priority into colony ship speed over colony ship range.
  • AI Heavy fighters now have more focus speed than range in their designs.
  • AI at "bright" or higher intelligence will make guesses (simulated intuition) as to whether a path is safe for a transport *experimental*

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