Journal Entry [04/10/2006]Edit

  • Updated AI rally point code to adjust to it being blocked by opponents.
  • AI rally points are now closer to friendly planets so that they're nearer to reinforce
  • New Ship Design and Adaption system implemented based on experiences from (ahem) "after hours play testing".
  • Alien ship names are better. I.e. Drengin Fighter instead of just "fighter".
  • Tightened AI tech trading so that weapons are rarely traded.
  • Torians much better at managing planets.
  • AI treats home planet differently than other planets when it comes to deciding how to build improvements.
  • Lots of tweaks to how the AI determines which technology to research.
  • Updates several of the AI modules to support an improved starbase handling algorithm (didn't update all because "better" is subjective).
  • AI better at upgrading their ships
  • Lots of tweaks to the tactical battle AI
  • AI will tend not to send combat ships out of orbit if doing so would leave the planet vulnerable to an invasion.
  • Normal and Bright AI intelligence levels made a bit easier
  • Trade route value increased based on population of source/destination planets.
  • Fixed bug where display name was used to find ships (can't assume English names!)
  • Updated AI ability picking based on new values.
  • Optimized AI usage of space on a ship.
  • AI will now create sub-fleets that will go after enemy starbases.
  • Technologies 20% cheaper by default (use technology rate to adjust this).
  • AI wont' "help" you by giving you starbases to fight wars.
  • AI is much less likely to trade away mining starbases.
  • Nano Ripper costs more, does 5 damage instead of 6 (it's still a very potent weapon).
  • Drengin loyalty removed from abilities.
  • Fixed bug where ship components that are in the .xml but not in the .shipcfg would not be displayed in the slots in the ship designer
  • Fixed bug where AI ships would build mining starbases without resources. It was allowing them to do this as long as the starbase limit had not been met. Now, if they try it, it will abort before building the starbase and leave a message in debug.err
  • Fixed bug where camera would scroll to AI ships that were targeting the player's dead ships
  • Fixed bug where trade route graphics were not clearing the vertex shader
  • Fixed a crash related to the starbox render function
  • Planet Context window will now update the planet stats as you change the sliders in the Domestic Policy Economy window
  • Fixed upgrade overlay for AI fleets to not display time to upgrade (Release Mode only)
  • Fixed "Auto-obsolete" bug when upgrading a ship design

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