Journal Entry [04/12/2006]Edit

  • Saved games now load MUCH MUCH faster on new saves
  • Fixed bug in Ship Designer where auto-place would not create a slot icon for modules such as colony, trade, troop, etc
  • Fixed bug in Ship Designer where auto-placed modules could not be removed from the ship
  • Fixed crash when trying to buy AI ships from trade screen (ahem)
  • Fixed bug where Diplomacy history would have no data
  • Fixed bug where large galaxies might save planet data before it the data had been initialized, making the saved game crash in unexpected places
  • Changed saved game version because saved games no longer save influence data - speeds up saved game load time
  • Added support for loading older saved games that still have influence data
  • Fixed bug where you could not select a ship that had been upgraded in the Quick Build list
  • Fixed crash in ship move calculation because the ship had no ship type
  • Fixed crash related to ship/improvement built icons
  • Fixed crash related to failure to load and create fonts
  • Implemented Cari's change to prevent AutoSave crashing
  • Improved stability in various places by checking process pointers before appending them to other processes
  • Added debug messages when memory allocation fails
  • Influence updates immediately after loading a game (No need to wait a turn for the influence to correct itself)
  • Fixed a bug where saved games from older versions that had orbital fleet managers in them did not allow the player to attack ships in a planet
  • Ship Design Screen deletes an old design if the new design has the same name
  • Fixed bug where if you pressed ESC in election window, you would never get any more elections from then on

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