The Civilization Manager screen offers several tabs to easily manage your empire.

It contains the following tabs:


This tab displays a list of all your colonies. You can click on any column to sort by it. You can set planetary focus and manage social and military production. In addition. Presting T will pop-up the waypoint designation and double clicking will open the planetary governer screen


Shows all events that your civilization is aware of.

Stats & Graphs

Various graphs giving you an overview of your civilization.


Extremely useful tab which allows you relay orders to your ships on a massive scale.

Government & Ethics

From left to right this tab shows:

Government type and the bonus associated with it. The political party currently in power. Your ethical alignment. If you have not research Xeno Ethics the bar will indicate which alignment you are leaning towards. After picking an alignment the bar will be fixed in place and your alignments benefits will be displayed.


Shows your progress towards your available types of victory.

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