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Super AbilitiesEdit

Each civilization is really unique at doing something. The super abilities are:

  • Super Diplomat. Civilization is able to secure much better deals through negotiation that other civilizations.
  • Super Dominator. When they go to war, they receive a group of Corvette class ships. The number they receive is based on their military power.
  • Super Organizer. When they are attacked, all races of the same ethical alignment will come to their aid.
  • Super Warrior. When in battles, they get the first strike ability. That is, their ships attack first and if their opponent survives only then do they return fire.
  • Super Breeder. If their approval is 100% their population increases at 4X the normal rate
  • Super Isolationist. Can colonize barren worlds and no foreign ship can travel more than 3 spaces per turn in their area of influence.
  • Super Trader. Gets all the trade techs at start of game and gets 2X from trade.
  • Super Manipulator. Is very good at getting other races to go to war with each other.
  • Super Hive. Rather modest boost to range and factories are built significantly quicker.
  • Super Adapter. Starts out with aquatic and toxic world technologies.
  • Super Annihilator. Can build spore ship which when used on a defenseless colony will eliminate all population and turn it into a toxic world of the same class.
  • Super Spy. Gets an agent to start with and can build counter-espionage centers (world becomes immune from agents).

(these aren't all impemented in bta 1 of Dark Avatar).

Super Ability Defaults for Built-in RacesEdit

  • Super Diplomat - Terran Alliance
  • Super Dominator - Drengin Empire
  • Super Organizer - Altarian Resistance
  • Super Warrior - Arcean Empire
  • Super Breeder - Torian Confederation
  • Super Isolationist - Yor Collective
  • Super Trader - Dominion of the Korx
  • Super Manipulator - Drath Legion
  • Super Hive - Thalan Empire
  • Super Adapter - Iconian Refuge
  • Super Annihilator - Korath Clan
  • Super Spy - Krynn Consulate

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