The economy is the backbone of any successful galactic empire.

Galciv2 economy

An overview of the economy.

A civilization's economy represents its domestic power and directly relates to the wealth and income of that civilization. A strong economy brings large amounts of credits to your empire and helps you expand, upgrade, and protect your people and planets. Maintaining a strong economy should be a high priority for all leaders, as all victories rely on your economy in one way or another.

Taxation Edit

  • Taxation - which is determined by your population size and tax rate. This is the primary means for gaining credits.
  • Add farms to your planets to increase your population and thus the number of credits you get from taxation.
  • Add morale buildings to your planets to increase the tax rate without making your people unhappy.
  • Researching and enacting more (financially) efficient government types.
  • Researching and building economic enhancing buildings such as the Market Center

Trade Edit

Economic treaty (DA feature) Edit

  • When race A gives an econ treaty to race B, race B receives each turn 10% of money the race A produces. Race A doesn't get any less money, but receives a diplomatic bonus toward relations to race B.
  • The amount of money isn't changed by econ bonuses from game difficulty level.

Other economic enhancers Edit

  • Tourism, which provides income based on your influence and total population of the galaxy.
  • By building or improving a mining starbase on an economic resource
  • Tribute from other civilizations, often a result of United Planets votes (or simply threatening them.)
  • Some anomalies grant small amounts of credits or economic bonuses.
  • Keep your treasury below 20,000 credits. When the treasury goes over 20,000 credits, your empire gets a 20% penalty to its economy.
  • Trading technology, ships, starbases, or influence points for another race's credits.
  • Decommissioning a ship will provide a small refund of its cost.
  • Racial bonuses can provide global modifiers to your economy, usually by increasing one source of income (like total trade revenue).

See Also Edit

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