Netro Mancer has retired. The Dread Lords were driven into space by Eleys Mule, the New Leader of the Altarian's. They monitor each other but are stalemated. Eleys Mule and his Fleet are a fair match for the Dread Lords but this is not satisfatory. This means they could wipe each other out. Eleys has his Scientists working round the clock to develop a new Disintegrating Laser Beam to make sure he has the advantage if resistance should ensue. He is careful not to agitate the Dread Lords and keep things peaceful. He is considering a peace agrement with them to create a friendly alliance of compromise and separation. He is concerned that the Dread Lord's may take this as a weakness and cause further rebellion. Resolution of the stalemate has not been reached and no one knows if it is possible? Meanwhile, the Dread Lord's Scientists are making progress on their destructive Terminator Ray. The next step is uncertain? Eleys Mue is the leader of the Altarian Resistance during the Dark Avatar conflict, the fate of Netro Mancer is unknown.

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