Technology Name Enhanced Miniaturization
Short Description This allows us to make even smaller components which lets us put even more on ships.
Technology Type Miniaturization
Research Cost 500
Prerequisites Basic Miniaturization
Tech Leads to Advanced Miniaturization
Tech Provides Miniaturization Ability +15, Micro Repair Bots
Long Description A spokesperson for the Hygerion Technology Center had this to say on the new Miniaturization technology: "Remember Miniaturization? It was pretty great wasn't it? I mean, with the making things smaller and stuff and junk. Well, Enhanced Miniaturization is like, you know, way way better. The reason it's better is because it's enhanced. This is quite different from regular Miniaturization which is, as we all now know, not enhanced." ` In related news, stock in Hygerion fell 25 points today in heavy trading...

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