Galactic Civilizations III is a 4X turn-based strategy video game for Microsoft Windows by Stardock. The full version of the game was released on May 14, 2015

Gameplay & Known FeaturesEdit

Similarly to its predecessors and their expansions, Galactic Civilizations 3 places the player as the leader of a galactic civilization struggling to achieve dominance over the other races of the universe.

Beyond this, little is known about the game, though there have been some revelations:

The game has had its main galaxy screen reformatted so that it no longer uses square tiles ("parsecs"), and instead uses hexagons. Sectors and maps have likewise been changed to adapt to this alteration.

All-new to the series is the concept of "Stellar Topography"; new stellar phenomena such as nebulae and black holes are expected to fill tiles that would have otherwise been empty space in previous games. How extensive and sprawling across the map they are, as well as what impact they have on the game, remains to be seen.

New resources, such as antimatter, are to be used to "Build and maintain the game's deadliest ships".

Starbases and their associated constructor ships have received an overhaul from Galactic Civilizations 2; Starbases now start as a generic space station, and specialize later to focus either on military support, economics or influence, as well as other unannouced functions. Ships and fleets may now "Dock" at starbases, which has been compared to ships orbiting a planet as seen in Galactic Civilizations 2. Meanwhile, constructors are now permitted to have multiple construction modules equipped, enabling them to build several starbases or upgrade them more quickly.

Weapons (and defenses) now have multiple different "sub-types" in addition to their current "Beam/shield - Missile/PD - Mass Driver/Armour" paradigm. Such sub-types include "Long-Range" and "High Efficiency" weapons, and "High Density" Defenses. Precisely what this entails is unknown.

There will be eight major races in the base game, down from twelve; The Terran Alliance, Drengin Empire, Krynn Consortium, Altarian Resistance, Iridium Corporation, Iconian Refuge, Yor Singularity and Thalan Contingency. They are expected to play asymmetrically, similarly to the races from Twilight of the Arnor but to a greater extent. The "missing" races such as the Torians and Arceans may appear in future DLC or as minor races, however it can be assumed the Drath and Korx will not make a return owing to their fate in the previous storyline.

Stay tuned, there's certainly more on the way!


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