The hull is the foundation of the ship. It determines the initial hardpoints that components can be mounted to and the amount of space that can be used for mounting components. It also modifies the size of the components to be mounted: a smaller hull has smaller components, slightly offsetting the loss of space. Finally it sets the initial number of hitpoints for the ship.

Hulls are classified by their size, as well as their type. Cargo hulls possess a great deal of space for components, but are very weak in terms of hitpoints.

Hull TypesEdit

The hull type gives the base values for size, HP and sensors. Add in technology and racial bonuses to obtain the real value.

Dread Lords (DL):

Hull Size Tech Space Cost HP Sensors Logistics
Tiny none 16 35 6 2 2
Small none 26 55 10 2 3
Medium Medium Scale Building 38 80 16 3 4
Large Large Scale Building 55 110 30 3 6
Huge Massive Scale Building 80 160 50 4 8
Cargo Hull none 55 55 1 3 5

Dark Avatar (DA), Twilight of the Arnor (TA):

Hull Size Tech Space Cost HP Sensors Logistics
Tiny none 16 25 5 2 2
Small Interstellar Construction 24 40 8 2 3
Medium Medium Scale Building 48 80 20 3 5
Large Large Scale Building 80 160 42 3 7
Huge Massive Scale Building 150 320 84 (TA: 90) 4 10
Cargo Hull none 60 55 1 3 5

Hulls by RaceEdit

Note: Even though the hull appearances differ by race, there is no difference in hull abilities by race.

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