Your logistics rating determines how many ships you can combine together in a fleet. The size of a ship's hull determines how many logistics points it takes up:

  • Tiny - 2 points
  • Small - 3
  • Medium - 4
  • Large - 6
  • Huge - 8

In Dark Avatar, the logistics values are:

  • Tiny - 2 points
  • Small - 3
  • Medium - 5
  • Cargo - 5
  • Large - 7
  • Huge - 10

Your logistics rating can be increased by researching logistics related technologies:

Level Increase Cumulative
(typical base) +6 6
Basic Logistics +3 9
Enhanced Logistics +6 15
Advanced Logistics +9 24
Expert Logistics +12 36
Ultimate Logistics +15 51

In Dread Lords having superior logistics (and being able to create larger fleets) is a crucial edge in Fleet Combat. The larger fleet can concentrate their superior firepower on a fewer number of targets, yielding a decisive advantage.

With Dark Avatar's changed ship combat mechanics having lots of ships in a fleet usually means a player will just lose lots of ships in a battle. The bigger the firepower of ships, the more that's true.

Higher logistics ability also reduces the cost of building starbases by %1 per point (as per the Starbase page).

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