A military starbase.

Military starbases are a type of starbase that may be augmented with modules that increase the attack, defense, repair, speed, or other ratings of ships within the effective radius of the starbase.

One strategy is to build a line of military starbases along the border of a hostile civilization to help defend that border. However, especially against higher-level AI's, the computer player will notice the buildup and respond in kind.

In any case, it is a good idea to protect military starbases with defensive modules, since they are valuable targets.

Note on starbases
  • In Dread Lords it is worth protecting starbases with defensive modules into the late game. Under the Dark Avatar combat changes this strategy is only valid early in the game. When the firepower of fleets increases to about 50+ points (and evil civs can attain that level fairly rapidly), defensive modules just increase your loss when starbase is destroyed.
  • Advanced players do not use military starbases for augmenting ships on the offensive, because these starbases are expensive to construct and cannot be moved.

However, they can be used to assist other ships in the area of the starbase, which can turn the tide of a war in the user's favor if the starbase is defended. Also note that if you manage to upgrade your starbase to its maximum, it usually means that any fleet in the area will win a battle against opposing fleets if your ships on a technological par. Also note that any opponent's military starbase that is receiving upgrades regularly should be designated as a target if you plan to attack that opponent, because of its ability to augment the capabilities of the enemy ships.

  • Evil Civilizations get free upgrades to starbases; the only cost they need to expend is the constructor itself per upgrade.
  • Economic star bases, when fully upgraded, grant a percentage bonus to every planet's production within its radius, making it a staple for any civilization that can afford them. This includes not just the production, but also the amount of revenue earned as well, depending on the modules being added. Normally, with sufficient technology, a player should be able to add all of the production, economy, and trade modules to maximize these areas. Placing one in every 2 or 3 star systems (such that all planets are within its radius of influence) would greatly offset the advantages possessed by an advanced AI player. In addition, since in a war these starbases are always the first to be attacked, always upgrade them with sufficient defenses, as well as focus on one or two offensive weapon types (two is advised).

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