Mind Control

The official documentation states, "This Galactic Achievement ensures that alien worlds that are ripe for defection defect nearly instantly." However, it is extremely inaccurate in this case.

  • Requires: Concepts of Malice
  • Cost: 1000
  • Bonus: +100% to the economy of all your worlds.
  • Hidden Drawback in DL/DA: Alien worlds appear to be LESS likely to defect. The precise mechanics of this effect are currently unknown by the community. (This writer hypothesizes that defection probability may become inversely proportional to your influence advantage in some way.)

It is possible to acquire a MCC when you invade a planet where one has been built by an evil civilization. As you cannot decommission the building, this would mean an end to an influence only strategy. You could possibly try and destroy improvements when you invade or just destroy the planet, though.

In TA the Revolt bug is fixed however you no longer get the 100% economy bonus.

References Edit

"Mind Control Center prevents planets from defecting to your civ?"

"Mind control center - revolt bug?"

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