Technology Name Neutrino Bullets
Short Description The ultimate mass-driver weaponry.
Technology Type Mass Driver
Research Cost 8000
Prerequisites HD Spike Driver IV
Tech Leads to Black Hole Gun
Tech Provides Neutrino Bullets, Neutrino Snipers
Long Description Neutrino bullets don't even exist. At least, they don't exist in our space-time continuum. The weapon itself is not made of neutrinos. Neutrinos are simply the evidence that this new form of weapon even exists. The mass involved is so immense that the weapons themselves could not be stored in our dimension on a ship, the mass would simply make the energy requirements for the ship to move too great.

Instead, the weapons are held in a special field that exists outside our normal dimension. When fired, they make virtually no sound other than a weird "pluck" sound. When they come into contact with another significant mass, the weapon reforms from another dimension causing lethal damage.

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