Technology Name New Propulsion Techniques
Short Description Get in the fast lane for finding new propulsion technologies to make your ships faster.
Technology Type Propulsion
Research Cost 25
Prerequisites HyperDrive
Tech Leads to Ion Drive
Tech Provides HyperDrive Plus
Long Description We've got Hyperdrive, the great contribution to the galaxy made by the Humans. But Hyperdrive is pretty basic stuff. To go faster, we need to come up with other ways to go faster. There's basically two ways to increase how fast we travel. The first way is to bend space more. That's basically all Hyperdrive does. Ships still cannot move very fast in normal space; so Hyperdrive used immense amounts of energy in order to slightly warp space to make a 10 million mile trip seem the same as taking a one light year trip. The second way to make ships travel faster is to increase how fast they move in normal space. Bigger thrusters and what have you. We have some great ideas that, with some good research grants, will allow us to come up with much more advanced stuff.

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