Technology Edit

Technology Name Planetary Defense
Short Description Provides backup support for defending starships.
Technology Type Invasion
Research Cost 300
Prerequisites Planetary Invasion
Tech Leads to Adv. Planetary Defense
Tech Provides Soldiering +10%, Omega Defense System, Orbital Fleet Manager, Planetary Defense
Long Description Now that we know how to invade other worlds, we have come up with some ideas to help keep our own worlds from being conquered. For one thing, we can project a slight sub-space field about our ships that will increase their effective hit points by a small amount.

But the biggest thing we can do is build an orbital fleet manager. The orbital fleet manager will allow us to coordinate ships in orbit on the fly to meet attackers. To the lay person, organizing a fleet on the spot probably seems easy, but here's the thing - space is big. We discussed this previously. It's very big. Even our tiny planets are very big compared to our ships. When a fleet of enemy ships comes out of hyperspace in orbit of our planets, it's very difficult to suddenly coordinate a bunch of ships in orbit. The orbital fleet manager will allow us to do this.

Improvement Edit

Improvement Name Planetary Defense
Short Description Increases planet defense.
Improvement Type Normal Project
Build Cost 200
Prerequisites Planetary Defense
Improvement Effects
Long Description Gives a 25% boost to your planet's invasion defenses.

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