Technology Name Singularity Driver
Short Description A new form of mass driver attack.
Technology Type Mass Driver
Research Cost 1200
Prerequisites Mass Drivers III
Tech Leads to Singularity Driver II
Tech Provides Singularity Driver, Atlas Sling
Long Description Singularity drivers take massive amounts of energy to create projectiles of incredible density. They are quite lethal on enemy ships.

Like all mass-drivers, they are still effectively a type of railgun. For political reasons, we have had to stop using the term "railgun" as many laypeople think of projectile based weaponry as being primitive in an age of energy weapons and the like.

But make no mistake, in space, the ability to toss a high density, high speed projectile that pierces most hulls on contact is worth investigating. The Singularity Driver is an impressive piece of engineering. While the rate of fire has been lost from previous generations, the Singularity Driver maintains a 20 to 30 rounds per minute ability with a projectile that is surrounded by ionized helium to form a bubble about the projectile. The projectile itself is heavily compressed in an ionized energy field that enables it to do massive damage to enemy ships.

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