Technology Name Space Weapons
Short Description Allows us to begin researching weapons.
Technology Type Military
Research Cost 150
Prerequisites Space Militarization
Tech Leads to Beam Weapon Theory, Mass Driver Theory, Missile Weapon Theory, Starbase Defenses
Tech Provides Particle Beam, Battle Stations, Fighter Drones
Long Description Space is not a friendly place. It's unfriendly to the extreme. First, if you try to take a stroll around in it, you'll die. Which, needless to say, could be considered rather rude. But even if you manage to wade around in space inside a hollowed out piece of metal, you are bound to run into others, wading around in their pieces of hollowed out metal, trying to kill you. To that end, we have come up with some thoughts on weapons.

We've come up with three basic types of weapons. First, you've got mass drivers. Bullets are mass drivers. We've been using them for a long time. Cannon in space and all that. The second type is missile technology. We know about missiles: explosive charges put on the end of some sort of guided propulsion. Very good stuff. Lastly, there's beam weapons. Beam weapons we have some idea of as well': Shoot streams of energy into the enemy's ship and hope it blows it up.

So our next step is to focus on thoses three areas and start getting some weapons - for self-defense of course.

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