Special resources are favorable conditions that may be found on certain tiles on a planet. Building a planetary improvement on a special resource will see that improvement receive a bonus based on the type of resource it is. Note that the bonus increases the capacity of the improvement, not necessarily its output. For example, a manufacturing improvement built on Rare Elements (+300% industry) will also require +300% BCs to be spent. So you should NOT think of these bonuses as "buy one improvment, get 1 (or 3 or 7) free".

DistrictBonus MysticSpring Mystic Spring +100% Approval
DistrictBonus Ruins Ruins +100% Influence
DistrictBonus FertileSoil Fertile Soil +100% Food
DistrictBonus SplendidSoil Splendid Soil +300% Food
DistrictBonus MineralDeposits Mineral Deposit +100% Industry
DistrictBonus RareElements Rare Elements +300% Industry
DistrictBonus PrecursorMine Precursor Mine +700% Industry
DistrictBonus Artifacts Artifacts +100% Research
DistrictBonus PrecursorArtifacts Precursor Artifact +300% Research
DistrictBonus PrecursorLibrary Precursor Library +700% Research


  • These bonuses apply ONLY to the project/improvement built on them, not to the whole colony.
  • These bonuses DO NOT apply to fractional bonuses like those from most Super Projects (including 'capitals'), nor do they affect Trade Goods or Galactic Achievements.