Technology Name Starship Defenses
Short Description Gives us access to technologies that will help us put defenses on our ships.
Technology Type Military
Research Cost 50
Prerequisites Space Militarization
Tech Leads to Armor Theory, Missile Defense Theory, Shield Defense Theory, Starbase Fortification
Tech Provides Defense Ability +10, Armor Plating, Protection Fields
Long Description Just waiting for us out in the depths are space are hostile aliens armed with electric death bent on wiping us out. Some say that a good defense is a strong offense, but those people aren't here right now are they? No. They're probably out there, trying to attack people only to realize that sometimes a good defense is actually a good defense. Equipping our ships with defensive technologies will help them survive the hostile environments of space and more importantly, lower the insurance costs on our ships.

We've got three types of defenses in mind. You've got good old-fashioned armor. You know, like what knights used to wear but better. Various composite materials that we put on our ships that help us absorb damage, particularly from high-density attacks such as mass drivers. We've also theorized about energy based defenses called shields. These "shields" would essentially act as an energy field around our ships that absorb damage, particularly from energy based attacks such as beam weapons. And lastly, there's point defense. Not a very good name is it? Point defense? Marketing is working on that. I prefer to call it "Anti-Missile Defense" myself but whatever. Point defense is designed to shoot out small bits to knock out fragile weapons with explosive heads like missiles, and protect us from getting hit in the first place.

Now that we've thought of these wonderful defenses, we must start researching them individually. Which is good! Well, good for us in the defense research community who need the research grants.

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