The Stats & Graphs tab is a component of the Civilization Manager. The upper left of the screen displays the homeworld of the player's civlization, as well as the name of the leader and the alignment of the civilization. In the upper center are summary displays. They include "Abilities", "Economy", "Military", "Misc", and "Society" buttons.

  • Abilities - lists the current racial abilities that apply
  • Economy - lists income and expenses broken down by their sources
  • Military - lists the number of ships (as well as numbers broken down by type of ship), the cost of ship maintenance, the military ranking, and the number of undefended colonies
  • Misc - includes the current research production, the current technology being researched, and the estimated time to completion for that technology
  • Society - current population, approval rating, # of colonies, # of unhappy colonies, the form of government, the political party of the leader, and the dominant political party

The upper right of the screen shows the ordinal rankings of the player's civilization in several categories including population, economy, military, technology, approval rating, popularity, treasury, influence, and production. There is also an overall ordinal ranking.

The bottom section of the screen consists of graphs that allow the player to compare their civilization to the other civilizations in the galaxy regarding the key galactic benchmarks. These benchmarks include Military Might, population (in billions of citizens), Morale Might, Popularity Might, Economic Might, Treasury Might, Influence Might, Production Might, and Technology Might. The graphs can display the player's standing against the top players, or against specific civilizations.

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