Technology Name Supreme Miniaturization
Short Description This allows us to make the smallest components possible which lets us put more on ships.
Technology Type Miniaturization
Research Cost 15000
Prerequisites Ultimate Miniaturization
Tech Leads to None
Tech Provides Miniaturization Ability +25
Long Description Remember how we said that the previous, incredible miniaturization technology was the best? Well, we lied. We do that you know. We lie. There's always something better as long as you're willing to keep paying us the big bucks. But really now, this is it. We tried this technology on a Kanzarian Wild Rider and he's gone. I mean, he's really gone. We're talking, lawsuit. We've looked all over the floor and Varnders here thinks that he may have felt something squish under his foot. So, even though there may be better techs out there, we're going to be tied up for years in the legal system dealing with this unpleasantness. But in the meantime, here you go.

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