For information on using freighters to set up trade routes, see trading.
Technology Name Trade
Short Description Enables us to create trade routes with other civilizations.
Technology Type Trade
Research Cost 200
Prerequisites Diplomatic Relations
Tech Leads to Advanced Trade, Neutral Shipping
Tech Provides Trade +10, Diplomacy +10, Trade Routes +3
Long Description Where would the galaxy be if we were unable to push our wares onto other species? We've pretty much maxed out the tolerance our own population has for our products and services. Thankfully, there's a whole universe of unsuspecting...customers just waiting to buy our stuff.

Now, we must build freighters and send them to other planets. Once our freighter has done that, a trade route is created. The number of trade routes we can manage depends on our trade ability. Other technologies enable us to have more trade routes.

- sourced from article "Trade" by Nealdt

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