Weapons are a necessity, whether you like them or not. The galaxy is a harsh place, not to mention the spiffy effects that these weapons produce. BANG!

Galactic Warfare
Space Militarization
Space Weapons
Beam Weapon Theory
Laser II
Laser III
Laser IV
Laser V
Plasma Weapons
Plasma Weapons II
Plasma Weapons III
Psyonic Beam
Phasors II
Phasors III
Phasors IV
Phasors V
Phasors VI
Phasors VII
Disruptors II
Disruptors III
Subspace Blaster
Subspace Annihilator
Doom Ray
Mass Driver Theory
MiniBalls II
Mass Drivers
Mass Drivers II
Mass Drivers III
Singularity Driver
Singularity Driver II
Singularity Driver III
Singularity Driver IV
Graviton Driver
Graviton Driver II
Graviton Driver III
Psyonic Shredder
Graviton Driver IV
Quantum Driver
Quantum Driver II
Quantum Driver III
HD Spike Driver
HD Spike Driver II
HD Spike Driver III
HD Spike Driver IV
Neutrino Bullets
Black Hole Gun
Missile Weapon Theory
Stinger II
Stinger III
Stinger IV
Harpoon II
Harpoon III
Pysonic Missile
Photonic Torpedo
Photonic Torpedo II
Photon Torpedo
Photon Torpedo II
Photon Torpedo III
Anti-Matter Torp
Anti-Matter Torp II
Anti-Matter Torp III
Quantum Torp
Quantum Torp II
Quantum Torp III
Positronic Torp
Positronic Torp II
Blackhole Eruptor
Starbase Defenses
Starbase Mobilization
Starbase Projection
Superior Starbase Defense Systems
Starbase Conquest Strategy

Galactic Warfare
Space Militarization
Planetary Invasion
Planetary Bombardment
Planetary Defense
Adv. Planetary Defense
Supreme Planetary Defense
Space Marines
Advanced Troop Mod
Shock Troops
Tidal Disruption

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