The Yor get +25 miniaturization as a racial ability. This is very powerful, especially on large/gigantic galaxies. You can design a +5 speed colony ship based solely on the starting techs. This really helps with the opening planet grab. (You get your new colonies that many turns sooner, which means you get their extra abilities that much earlier, and all that compound interest works heavily in your favor.)

I don't know if the AI exploits the Yor ability in this way. It's a fool if it doesn't.

Please note that the maximum miniaturization you can get is 115% even with this racial ability, so you should only research up to and including Ultimate miniaturization (the second last tech) to get 115% bonus (it's actually 125% capped). However if you managed to build Hyperion Shrinkers, all you need is to research up to expert miniaturization to get the maximum 115% bonus.--Erikalbert 18:55, 18 May 2006 (UTC)

Really, sounds like a bug to me?
Yes really, I tested it. Not a bug, it's by design. It was stated somewhere also.
It still smells like a bug to me. What if you want to mod the tech tree so that more than +125% miniaturization is possible?
I don't do mods, but I suspect 115% isn't hardcoded, it's just the sum of all the bonuses from miniaturization techs.--Erikalbert 04:32, 22 May 2006 (UTC)
Balancing, I presume, to prevent you from building utterly insane ships if you happen to capture multiple Hyperion Shrinkers.

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