Technology Name Zero-Point Armor
Short Description The final defense against mass-driver weapons.
Technology Type Armor
Research Cost 2500
Prerequisites Ultimate Adamantium
Tech Leads to None
Tech Provides Zero-Point Armor, Overlord Armor
Long Description Zero-Point armor doesn't exist. That is, once it is attached to a ship and then enabled, it is difficult to even detect that it exists using normal sensors. It is not a stealth material (unfortunately). Rather, it is almost like wrapping a black hole around a ship.

Zero-Point armor doesn't create a gravitation field by default. Instead, it creates a reverse gravitational field based on reacting to force. The greater the force impact on the armor, the more reverse gravitational force is created. Zero Point armor has a nearly infinite potential for refracting kinetic mass impacts. The net effect is that when struck by mass driver weapons, they literally bounce off harmlessly.

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